Limitless Spaces

Limitless Spaces

In a new exhibition at MCAD MFA Gallery, artists including Snow Yunxue Fu, Morehshin Allahyari, Isaac Ruder and Li Yao explore the interplay of physical and digital spaces and the impact of digital structures on physical space.

Limitless Spaces invites artists working with digitally rendered 3D environments to explore how the digital has infiltrated the way we think about, and experience, space and reality. The sophistication of digital spaces, the breadth of experiences they offer, the range of immersive and intimate interfaces through which we experience simulated worlds, mean that digital renderings of reality have merged with earlier framings of the real. The real is now processed by algorithm as well as by optic nerves or positioned mirrors. The involvement of the algorithm in framing the real means that companies and governments can express their stake in reality via data collection. At the same time it means that humans can no longer claim to be the main producers of the real - now, that title belongs to the algorithm.Beating a Dead Horse with a One-Trick Pony, Hunter Jonakin, 2018

For artists in collaboration with software and hardware, the status of the algorithm as reality-producer necessitates endless negotiation and exploration of identity. When a person works with computers to articulate a version of reality, where does person end and computer begin? Which, whose, experiences are being articulated? What does the process of digital representation look like and what are its implications? Limitless Spaces presents projects which have asked these questions and more; as such, the exhibition offers a variety of examples of possible ways in which humans and machines can interact to produce reality.

The exhibition, curated by Zoe Cinel and Shirin Ghoreyshi, is presented in partnership with the MCAD MFA program. Exhibiting artists are Morehshin Allahyari, Hattie Ball, Sishirprithvi Bommakanti, Paige Dansinger, Edward Euclide and Hilary Dixon, Snow Yunxue Fu, Shirin Ghoreyshi, Sarah Faye McPherson, Tynan Humphrey, Hunter Jonakin, Dan Anthony Kelly, Isaac Ruder, Brian Skalak, Michael Swearingen, Li Yao and Oddviz


Top image: Bask by Snow Yunxue Fu

Limitless Spaces is at MCAD MFA Gallery, 2201 1st Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 from 10-22 August.

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