Michelle Poonawalla: Recent Projects

Michelle Poonawalla: Recent Projects

On 15 July Michelle Poonawalla launched a new collection of two digital editions on Sedition. Titled Stop Motion, the collection was made using the stop motion animation technique, where moving images are built up frame-by-frame from still photographs. The slow, precise and contemplative nature of the technique was paired with subject matter which explores the coexistence of growth and destruction, determination and transience.

The collection is one of a number of projects launched by the artist in 2020. Other recent projects by Poonawalla include Colours of Life, 21 Migrants and a series of masks she has designed to raise funds to support Covid-19 as part of Art For Concern.

Colours of Life (above) is a series of abstract oil paintings in the impasto style intended to transport the viewer to a vibrant and colourful space of escapism. Inspired by what Poonawalla could see around her during lockdown - such as the vibrant colours of the Indian Gulmohar trees with their striking orange red flowers - the works depict the colours and textures that Poonawalla finds uplifting.


Elsewhere this Spring Poonawalla has been working on various artistic projects to raise money for Covid-19 support. This includes 21 Migrants (above), a drawing which highlights the displacement of informal workers caused by the COVID-19 crisis in India and was produced in response to an open call for the STIR arts platform. “With the lockdown announced, there was a huge impact on the daily wage workers. The informal workers are the backbone of the Indian Economy from constructing houses, cleaning offices, cooking, or working in factories to various other jobs. The shutdown turned these people into overnight refugees. I wanted to show what the people were going through and these 21 migrants represent so many of the Indian migrant workers who have had to walk for miles to reach their home during this lockdown.” - Michelle Poonawalla

Poonawalla has also designed a series of face masks (above) as part of an Art for Concern charitable initiative which raises awareness and funds for those people harmed by the Coronavirus crisis in India. The three masks will be sold online in an event titled Mask D’Art, an online event which will raise funds for healthcare provision and food distribution. Other artists contributing mask designs include Anjolie Ela Menon, Jayasri Burman, Seema Kohli, Sara Khalafi, JMS Mani, Atin Basak, Jogen Chowdhury, Shyamal Mukherjee, Sudip Roy and Anand Bekwad.

All images courtesy of Michelle Poonawalla.

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