Requiem: Curated at Dorfold: British Art Then and Now

Requiem: Curated at Dorfold: British Art Then and Now

This article celebrates the opening of the exhibition, Curated at Dorfold: British Art Then and Now and a recent work by artist Paul Benney, Requiem featured at the show.

A still from Requiem by Paul Benney

From 29th January to 11th February 2023, Zuleika Gallery showcases the artistic positions entering into a dialogue with selected works from artists including Paul Benney, John Craxton, Grayson Perry, Sir Matthew Smith, Keith Vaughan, Jelly Green, Patrick Heron, Nigel Hall, Tom Hammick, Alan Rankle, Sophie Ryder, Rebekah Tuluie and Valeria Nascimento. The extraordinary venue, Dorfold Hall would highlight the most graceful corner of over 130 paintings, prints, sculptures and ceramics and the artwork resonates with the space.

Valeria Nascimento, Blossom explosion installation in the drawing room at Dorfold, Courtesy of Zuleika Gallery 

Dorfold Hall, built between 1616 and 1621 and located in Cheshire, UK, is renowned for its architectural style juxtaposing historical and contemporary. Curated at Dorfold: British Art Then and Now will be showcased all over this stately mansion. Spaces that will be used include the dramatic setting of the Drawing room, with its ceiling designed by Italian plasterers in 1621, and the King James Suite, a room that got its name having been designed specifically for King James I in the 1620s. You will also see the Drawing Room, Dining Room and the Coach House, now used also for weddings where an immersive sound and video work by Paul Benney will be hosted which has the soundtrack written and composed by Nitin Sawhney. 

Dorfold Hall, Cheshire, Courtesy of Zuleika Gallery 

Requiem is Paul Benney’s masterpiece that explores where death and life come across each other. It is a digitally augmented painting, combining Benney’s remarkable oil painting techniques and digital software adjusting the painted surface. As the title suggests, we can feel the unknown complexity of death or the world beyond it through this work. It’s particularly interesting when the theme of work comes together with the fact that Paul Benney brings life to a flat, traditional painting by animating it.

"Accepting that we are bound by the limits of our senses, by history as it is revealed to us and by the semiotics of our age, my hope is that the two motivations that I identify with; of a search for untrue truths and for true untruths harmonise in my work to cultivate the seeds of visual poetry"- Paul Benney.

Paul Benney, Requiem installation view, Courtesy of the Artist

Whether you are an art lover or not, this exhibition will be a wonderful opportunity to discover the beauty of Dorfold Hall, and some of its hidden spaces. The exhibition is presented with the support of TM Lighting and Hallet Independent.

The limited edition of Requiem is available on Sedition.

The exhibition is open to the public, but reservations are recommended.


Top Image: A still from Requiem by Paul Benney

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