Sedition iOS App Update

Sedition iOS App Update

We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Sedition iOS app! 

The latest version of the app is easier to use, with an improved design and smoother navigation and functionality. Take a look at the app’s new features now in the App Store.  

The iOS app upgrade is part of a wider programme of app updates; you can expect to see new features and improved performance across all our platforms over the coming months. We will announce specific updates as they launch.

Here’s a run through of the improvements we’ve made to our iOS App:

Multiple Playlists

A notable feature of the new iOS app is the ability to create multiple playlists. This means you can curate different arrangements of your artworks for display in different contexts. You can create new playlists or edit existing ones.

Dedicated Art Stream playlist

As part of the improved Playlists feature, the new app version includes a dedicated Art Stream playlist, available in your Vault. If you're an Art Stream subscriber you can now have full and flexible access to the works in your Art Stream playlist in the iOS app.

Vault and Playlists on iPhone 8

Improved design

Our design and technical teams have collaborated to make app-wide design improvements which will make the art collecting experience flow better visually and functionally. 

Improved performance

We have made numerous back-end changes that, while not immediately visible, will make organising and viewing your artwork collection more seamless and speedy. The background changes will be particularly noticeable to those with large artwork collections.

Artist page on iPad

Artwork browsing on iPad

Artwork display on iPad

If you haven’t already, update your Sedition iOS App now to experience the changes. More updates will be available over the coming months - look out for update announcements in our newsletters and on our social media platforms.

We’re excited about this year’s revamp of the Sedition experience and very much hope that the changes will make enjoying your digital art collection a smoother and more fulfilling experience. We welcome feedback, comments and suggested future improvements, and look forward to announcing more updates in the near future!