Sedition’s Picks for Frieze Art Fair London 2018

Sedition’s Picks for Frieze Art Fair London 2018

This weekend, Frieze London returns to Regent’s Park to bring together the work of some of the world’s finest international contemporary art in one space. Attendees will have the opportunity to view and purchase art from emerging and renowned artists as well as attend a carefully curated programme of films and talks. With an extensive programme of events, we have selected some our top talks, events and installations.

Sedition Picks

Laurie Anderson (Talk)

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Accomplished artist Laurie Anderson draws on personal experience through her multimedia storytelling which encapsulates everything from her Midwestern upbringing to life in Trump’s America.

Christian Boltanski (Installation)

Christian Boltanski will be exhibiting his new installation as part of Live at Frieze in which he will explore time, memory and loss – themes in which his work has focused on since the 1960s. The installation with be composed of 11 small counters that will examine the date and time of birth of individual artists. It will allow viewers to consider the living entities behind the work.

Anna Sophie Berger, Cecile B Evans (Installation)

Through their analysis of features in the real world, Evans and Berger bring news perspectives and meaning to culture, objects and relations by re-contextualising them. Their pieces compare how something is designed for people, versus the reality of how that design is lived.

Cécile B. Evans will present sculptures from Amos’ Word – a fictional TV series showing a socially progressive housing estate and the architect behind it – to convey a story of power structures in networked systems.

Anna-Sophie Berger works combines visual material from German toy manufacturer Playmobil and warning signs found in public spaces. Berger’s work continually addresses the emotional cognitive dissonance of the networked world.

Elmgreen and Dragset at Victoria Miro (Installation)

Victoria Miro brings together a volume of works by emerging and established artists including including Elmgreen & Dragset, Conrad Shawcross and Yayoi Kusama. Works made especially for Frieze include Anger Management, a piece by Elmgreen & Dragset that embodies the divisive nature of the debate around Brexit and the emotions that many experienced alongside it.

For Frieze sculpture, Conrad Shawcross has created a new large-scale work entitled Optic Labyrinth (Arrangement I). The sculpture takes the form of an immersive maze focusing on the sun and its changing position through the day and seasons. The piece looks specifically at how people orientate themselves both emotionally and physically in relation to the sun’s movements.

Yayoi Kusama’s WAVES, captures the bird’s-eye view of the ocean rippling beneath her, evocative of a personal experience she had on a flight from Tokyo. WAVES is a continuation of techniques and themes used in previous bodies of her work.

Frieze Social Work Programme (Events)

Following from last year’s curated programme on “Sex Work: Radical Politics and Feminist Art”, the new Social Work Programme features 8-10 monographic presentations devoted to women artists who challenged the status quo. The section includes work by Helen Chadwick, Nancy Spero, Mary Kelly, Faith Ringgold and others.

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