Overlap: Grounds Editions, Prints and Verge Exhibition in London

Overlap: Grounds Editions, Prints and Verge Exhibition in London

Overlap presents work in a group exhibition Verge alongside artists Nick Archer and Jenny Pockley at 60 Threadneedle Street in London from 27th September until 18th January 2019. The works in the exhibition explore landscapes and abstraction through diverse media from audiovisual installation to painting.

The artists in the exhibition employ a creative process which reveal an investigation of the sublime, using landscape as a metaphor to reveal the raw forces of nature and the mysteries of our experience. While Overlap’s work explores the relationship of still and moving imagery within landscape representation, their dreamscapes reference the multi-picture planes of Richard Dadds’ The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke. Archer’s works explores landscape through a process of pouring and layering paint which builds up a surface into which a motif is woven. His work involves a visual research technique of digitally layering images in Photoshop before creating the paintings. Pockley’s paintings whether clouds, waves or Alpine, appear to be suspended in time. The paint is made up of thin veils of colour, which are washed onto an ultra-smooth gesso surface; the tonal variations built up and softened using the 'wet into wet' process creating a delicate timelessness of the works.

Alongside the exhibition, Overlap launches a new series of 40 unique editions on Sedition. The Grounds series features Overlap’s distinctive audiovisual pieces exploring landscapes through still and moving imagery with an ambient soundtrack as a key element to the work. Following on from Overlap’s Lands series, shot from a middle distance of rural landscapes, Grounds goes in closer to reveal the abstract textures and patterns of nature from lichen to tree tops.

For the music, Overlap spent many hours in the attic studio recording and manipulating musical components to be slowed and time stretched with motifs and drones mixing together. The music combines live sounds recorded in a huge overgrown Victorian garden and are remixed multiple times with unexpected image combinations. "The circular nature and non-fixed time element in these environments echo the dissolving of verse/chorus in ambient and drone music. It sat well with moving imagery, creating a time based etching of sound and image that over the years has fed into what we're exploring now in the iterations. We wanted the music to have motifs and melody, but only just. We've been mixing different bpm loops together, whilst running effects like echo at a universal rate on the final mix. This has an ordering effect on the asymmetries, feeling human and machine are distant at the same time. This slightly quirky vertical sounding music offsets the textural visual beauty with a darker edge.”

In addition to the 40 unique works from Sedition, Subject Matter have also released four prints titled Grounds Verge. The giclee prints are 42cm x 75cm with 7cm borders and printed on 350gsm 100% cotton Hahnemuhle Museum etching paper. They are numbered, signed and dated by the artists. To view and purchase the prints from Subject Matter visit, here.

Crossing music, video, print and installation, Overlaps work bring the essence of their natural surroundings shared through a wide range of media and platforms. 


Verge is on display from 28th September 2018 to 18th January 2019 at 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP, opening times: 9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri.

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