Synthetic Corpo-Reality

Synthetic Corpo-Reality

A new online group exhibition curated by Julie Walsh focuses on how the representation of the body is influenced by digital media. Synthetic Corpo-Reality is organised by MEET Digital Culture Centre in Milan, Italy with the support of Fondazione Cariplo.

The MEET (Milan) virtual exhibition space showcases eleven digital artworks by artists whose work connects the physical and digital realms, and for whom the body is intrinsically interwoven with their practice. Some of the works on display examine anatomy, body language and traversions through space, looking at how these are fragmented and expanded through hardware and software. Other exhibited artworks explore the politics of the body: the tension between defined identity categories and the more amorphous reality; surveillance and data collection. Further themes addressed by the exhibition include birth, death and transcendence in the age of the algorithm.

The exhibiting artists are Miao Xiaochun, Zhou Xiaohu, Claudia Hart, Tamiko Thiel, Rebecca Allen, Auriea Harvey, Sophie Kahn, Martina Menengon,Tim Deussun and Manuel Zimmer, Carla Gannis and Nancy Baker-Cahill. Gannis presents Origins of The Universe: Dimensioning, a VR and video version of her 2019 sculpture series, which in turn was inspired by Gustave Courbet’s 1896 painting L’Origine Du Monde. The work features an avatar exploring the origins of the universe within a multi-scalar digital space. For Kahn’s work Divers the artist worked with a group of Butoh dancers at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works; as part of Butoh training, dancers learn to fall; Kahn scanned this practice of falling before sculpting the resulting scans “to erase the effects of gravity”. The Divers project was originally presented as part of Kahn’s solo virtual show Dematerialised. Hart presents Alice Inside, her fourth work inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The work is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges, and features an avatar whose movements correspond to the movements of the space they reside in.

Alice Inside - 2019 by Claudia Hart

The Divers VI – 2021 by Sophie Kahn

Origins of The Universe: Dimensioning – 2021 by Carla Gannis

Figures Crawling – 2013 by Rebecca Allen

Lend Me Your Face! – 2020 by Tamiko Thiel

At the Age of XLVI – 2021 by Auriea Harvey

Ever Now – 2019 by Nancy Baker Cahill

The Loving Ones – 2020 Tim Deussen and Manuel Zimmer

all alone together – 2020 by Martina Menegon

Restart – 2008-2010 by Miao Xiaochun

The Gooey Gentlemen - 2002 by Zhou Xiaohu 

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