Emma Elliott: Recent News

Emma Elliott: Recent News

Emma Elliott's artwork Reconciliation, which is available as a digital edition on Sedition, was recently shortlisted for the Chaiya Art Award. The winner of the prize will be announced as part of an exhibition of selected works at London’s OXO Gallery from 2-11 April. Participating artists will present work which considers spirituality and the role of God in our lives. Originally planned for 2020, the Chaiya Art Award exhibition was postponed to April 2021; in the interim, artists in the Chaiya network were invited to share work on the theme of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The result was an online exhibition, Impact, which ran from June to September 2020 and featured work by Jo Scorah, Sarah Paine, Mark Osborne, Marjan Wouda, Robert Koenig, Brian Ord and Judy Clarkson, as well as the work Warning by Emma Elliott.

POW! (Carrara marble, 70x40x5cm) by Emma Elliott

From 2 to 31 May, Elliott will present a collection of recent marble sculptures as part of on form unlocked at Asthall Manor in The Cotswolds, UK. “This will be a different experience from our traditional midsummer show: gentler and less busy, as befits the times we are living in, but as welcoming, inspirational and beautiful as ever.“ - on form. The exhibiting artists are Steven Atkinson, Marcia Bennett-Male, Aly Brown, Luke Dickinson, Emma Elliott, Kim Francis, Mel Fraser, Mark Frith, Marcus Harris, Rosie Jones, Benji Lowsley-Williams, Emma Maiden, Alyosha Moeran, Nicolas Moreton, Jason Mulligan, William Peers, Richard Perry, Jordi Raga, Peter Randall-page, Ben Russell, Will Spankie, Guy Stevens, Tom Stogdon, Mark Stonestreet, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Anthony Turner, Lucy Unwin, Paul Vanstone, Tom Waugh, Dominic Welch and Alex Wenham.

On 17 February 2021 Elliott launches a new digital edition, Going Nowhere, on Sedition. The work “is a performative homage to the plight of Rhinoceroses and Elephants who are being brutalised and marched into extinction for their tusks and horns. In this video Emma plays the Rhino and the human simultaneously, metaphorically linking the human to our fellow animal.”

In the video, Elliott wears a headpiece which is a wearable version of her sculpture Wry?No! (pictured above), which won 2nd award with The Sunny Art Prize in 2019.


Top image: The Dance (Arabescato marble 166cm x 110cm x 70cm) by Emma Elliott.

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