The (Un)Holy Trinity at Big Screen Southend

The (Un)Holy Trinity at Big Screen Southend

We’re excited to announce that Laura Jean Healey’s The (Un)Holy Trinty will be screened at the Focal Point Gallery. Coinciding with the new group exhibition S for Southend 2023, the artwork will be screened daily from 11 am to 5 pm on Big Screen Southend from the 11th of January to the 19th of February 2023. 

The (Un)Holy Trinity by Laura Jean Healey

The (Un)Holy Trinity, created for International Women’s Day 2020, examines the notion of the ‘fallen woman’. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite painting, such as John Collier’s Lilith and Franz Stuck’s The Sin, the work explores the stories of female figures; Lilith, Salome and Eve, who have been labelled as ‘defiant’ with their ‘unwomanly’ independence and power. 

A Still from The Siren by Laura Jean Healey

Laura Jean Healey’s art practices have been addressing femininity and re-evaluating female image by challenging the stereotypes of women captured in the lens. The mythical female figures are recurring in Healey’s work. The Siren, a digital performance art film, also presents a provocative visual inspired by the Siren questioning who is in control of the gaze: the watcher or the watched.

Healey’s collection recently released on Sedition, The Siren’s call also sheds light on the sexual interpretation of women and asks about the dynamics of the gaze. 

A Still from The Siren’s call by Laura Jean Healey

As a part of S for Southend 2023 showcases the artworks of local residents and Essex-based artists; Elleanna Chapman, Laura Jean Healey, Joe King and Rosie Pedlow, and David Valentine. 

S for Southend 2023 opens on 21st January 2023 at Focal Point Gallery.

The Screening is live from 11th January to 19th February at Big Screen Southend. 

Focal Point Gallery and The Big Screen are located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, United Kingdom. 

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