Thukral & Tagra design game playing environment at the YSP

Thukral & Tagra design game playing environment at the YSP

This autumn an exhibition by Thukral & Tagra at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the UK combines design, art and popular culture by creating a game playing environment that invites players to think about world politics.

The artist duo are known for work that blurs the boundaries between fine art and popular culture and looks at the links between globalisation and identity. From their vantage point in India, the duo examine globalised consumer culture and construct installations and scenarios which question the way said culture is built, plays out globally, and ripples back into India.

In their 2018 autumn exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Thukral & Tagra invite families, friends and strangers to sit down together and play a game in an immaculately conceived installation to inaugurate the gallery space in the new Bretton Country Park visitor centre.

The game environment is elegantly designed, reflecting Thukral & Tagra’s design background, and takes influence from the Don Pavey Collection held within the National Arts Education Archive that is based at the YSP. The game is a learning process which highlights important global issues and makes space for the players to think (and act) through their own responses to these issues. The exhibition builds emphatic links between global events and the people in room in Yorkshire learning about them.

The exhibition follows Collection Bureau, a Pollinator project at the Indian Art Fair in early 2018.