Bear Cuts 4

BEAR CUTS is a new collection made up of 7 videos by MarieVic, born of her latest project BEAR the record of her journey into the American Far North.

The series takes the audience on a journey through icy, frozen landscapes and presents exquisite sequences from MarieVic's explorations. As each sequence unfolds, viewers encounter unexpected twists in the serene snow-covered setting, such as the appearance of a bear, a mountain lion, or an ice-covered frozen red dress, or black pants slowly defrosting... Each video holds the viewer in suspense, our anticipation unfolding as slowly as the ice departing from the frozen garments. The works point to an uncertain future.

In this work, I went searching for a bear. The result is a video project that shows an environment where ice moans, imprisons, and then frees. The work captures a landscape of unquiet stillness, a collection of videos where animals, tools and clothes coexist in an uncertain world. - MarieVic

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