Build The World That You Want To Belong In

Build The World That You Want to Belong In is a digital image by Mark Titchner that is representative of his iconic typographic works. The work was created as part of the Vote Art, an initiative that uses art in the public domain to encourage people to vote. The work was originally created as a pro remain billboard for the Brexit referendum campaign. The words “Build The World That You Want To Belong In” is a provocative message intended to inspire hope and action in an economy in crisis, which continues to resonate broadly today. The image is bold and brightly coloured as the bright white letterings shine through a swirling backdrop. Chain-link fencing is subtly featured in the background, suggesting the trappings of industrialised modern life. Titchner’s work is often political and critical of the world we live in, yet always optimistic in the ways that we can instigate change as individuals. His public works are often presented as billboards and installations that perform as a call-to-action to those in everyday life who may feel trapped by routine or forgotten by political agendas.

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