If You Can Dream It, You Must Do It

Mark Titchner creates a new video work for Luton Culture’s three-year programme of public art entitled As You Change So Do I. As a native of Luton, Titchner has partnered with Luton Culture to present a large scale commission for the Hat Factory Arts Centre to help promote the city’s culture.

The video work on Sedition, If You Can Dream It, You Must Do It, is a free limited edition given away as part of Luton Culture’s programme that features Titchner's iconic brightly coloured texts. The words appear one at a time each in a different colour as a powerful call to action. The audio is a loud industrial noise that cycles as the words appear and disappear after the other. As in a hypnotic dream the words become imprinted into the subconscious as a motto that we are told to take into our lives. The words seek to inspire people to dream and to act in a process of collective realisation, and to encourage those in Luton to take the future for themselves.

Not for sale

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