The World Isn't Working

The World Isn't Working is an exemplar of Mark Titchner’s typographic works that have often been wonderfully abrasive in their turn of phrase. The World Isn’t Working text is based on the 1979 Saatchi & Saatchi campaign for the Conservative party which used the slogan "Labour isn't working". The words read like a modern political statement expressed through the trappings of medieval faith. Using an angelic window pattern as the canvas for his matter of fact indictment of our collective failings, Titchner’s stained glass recalls exactly the window pattern at St Etienne Cathedral in Meaux, France. A mosaic upon which he has unapologetically applied workmen-like lettering that repositions the reverential glass as a backdrop. Titchner has ordered his uncoloured diction of individual letters, broken up by the suggestion of 19th century leading, to illuminate a message that may not be to everyone's liking. The white-washed letters shine through emphasising the message as the stained glass window pattern changes colour - offering what appears to be a celestial delivery of a statement reflecting on the current crisis of the global economy.
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