Clash - Massimo Magee

Clash is an audiovisual digital art object by Massimo Magee, designed to be read by the computer as both a visual still image and a piece of audio, these being two readings of the same file. The piece was shaped across both visual and audio dimensions functionally simultaneously, with a change in the visual also affecting the audio, and a change in the audio also affecting the visual. What the computer sees as one file with audio and visual aspects enmeshed within and between each other at once, human observers require to be translated into separate audio and visual readings, highlighting the gulf between machine and human perception. Here, the audio and visual readings have been layered into a high resolution movie file for ease of viewing and display. The piece includes processed image data as electronic sounds and virtual piano generated from the image data. It was all created at Massimo Magee's studio in London, UK.


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