Crepuscolo Collection - Series 2

Crepuscolo Collection - Series 2 is a new series of artworks by Matteo Zamagni.

Crepuscolo Collection - Series 2 is a selection of digital still images which are part of Matteo Zamagni’s Crepuscolo series. Crepuscolo began as a commission from Anise Gallery which resulted in Zamagni’s first solo show.

The editions in Crepuscolo Collection - Series 2 are digital extracts of a series of 2.5 x 2.5 metre physical prints which were made using a large number of ultra HD satellite images of terrain around the world; this source material was originally collected as part of the creation of Horror Vacui, Zamagni’s earlier acclaimed short film which was also exhibited at the solo show last year.

The image reveals different qualities at different scales; from a distance or at a glance they could resemble abstract painting, organic natural textures, or geological features. A closer examination reveals intricate detail and locally specific landscapes and artifacts, enabling the viewer to contextualise the images as agglomerates of aerial views of the earth, a stacked composition of algorithmic depictions of organic, inorganic and man-made structures.

Zamagni will donate profits from the sale of Crepuscolo Collection - Series 2 to Black Lives Matter, as will Sedition.

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