Matteo Zamagni is a new media artist based in London. He expresses his ideas through multimedia platforms, specialising in video direction, real-time and off-line graphics, VFX and interactive installations.

The inspirations for his projects comes from his ongoing research into the connections between spirituality and sciences and the boundaries between physical and immaterial, visible and invisible dimensions. He observes the macro and micro scales of nature and speculates through his projects about its invisible flows. His works also explores altered states of mind through meditation and sense hacking, as well as observing the tension between the conscious and unconscious.

Zamagni has created works for artists including Quayola, FIELD and Hito Steyerl. He has also produced work for brands including Microsoft Lumia, Diesel and London Fashion Week. His work has been presented in exhibitions internationally including the Times Square Midnight Moment, New York, 2017; Moving Image Art Fair, New York, 2017; Gazelli Art House, London, 2016; Barbican Centre, London, 2015; and the Lumen Prize, various cities, 2016-17.