Matthew Biederman’s hypnotic new audio-visual artwork titled Micro-Macro, is an algorithmically-generated piece developed to simulate natural phenomena, and attempts to express the idea of the infinite. His work often fuses light, space and sound to reflect on the intricacies of perception, media saturation and data systems from a multiplicity of perspectives.

Created during a residency organised by gnration at the Iberian Nanosystems Laboratory in Braga, Portugal, Micro-Macro is exclusively offered on Sedition and features an audio track of an immersive binaural field recording of the machine room, which keeps the laboratory’s environment stable and sterile enough to perform highly sensitive experiments and observations. The artwork reflects upon scientific efforts to observe the world at ever smaller and larger scales. Through the use of a reaction+diffusion algorithm, Micro-Macro generates a world where scales shift as the image zooms in or pulls out, continually looking closer or further, yet never reaching the limit.

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