Matthew Schlanger

South Nyack
Matthew Schlanger was an artist in residence at the Experimental Television Center from 1981 through 1987. His video exhibitions include the 1987 Biennial show at the Whitney Museum; one person shows include: A History of Video at Société Berlin and More than Blood at Galerie Rene Coilho; two person shows include: Video Histories at the Hooper House, The Old Becomes New with Use at Time Based Arts, Amsterdam, and The Anthology Video Program at the Millennium; group shows include PS1, The New Museum, The Kitchen, Tibor de Nagy, Thread Waxing, Film Anthology Archives, the American Film Institute Video Festival, and The Bronx Museum. Collections include LIMA (formerly Monte Video), SUNY Binghamton, Princeton University, The Art Institute at Beersheva, the Donnel Media Center of the New York Public Library and the Kitchen. Matthew taught video for several years at the School of Visual Arts, both undergraduate and graduate courses, most recently at SVA's M.F.A. in Computer Art. He has lectured about video art at SUNY Binghamton and Buffalo campuses, Ramapo, Rutgers. Matthew has also taught programming for SVA MFA CA and game design and programming for Mercy College. Matthew’s video hardware development work for the Experimental Television Center, and for Design Lab, included a significant contribution in building the last generation of custom analog and digital image and sound synthesizers last installed at the Experimental Television Center.