As a conceptual sculptor and painter, Michael Craig-Martin is interested in questioning the nature of image making and considers how art might be comprehended by the viewer. While a tutor at Goldsmiths College in the 1980s, he influenced a whole generation of artists including Damien Hirst. Craig-Martin: "the biggest incentive for doing art is the desire to see something, and the only way to see it is to do it, because no one else is going to".

Here in this artwork Surfacing, a spotlight that continually changes colour moves across a series of systematically-repeated everyday objects including a globe, a fork and a mobile phone. It resembles wallpaper that extends across the screen. As each object is engulfed by the roaming square, it comes to life in multicolour with vibrant pinks, greens, oranges, blues and purples that colour in the bold forms. Working directly with the artist, Sedition brings you this exclusive limited edition.

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