The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels)

The existence of potential weapons close to the brain, antlers, and the idea of a natural object performing as a readymade, are the basis for sculptures Michael Joo has created for several years under the title Improved Rack Series. The original sculptures consisted of shed antlers cut and re-configured, each gesture being exemplary of willpower and providing an interruption to the asymmetrical natural growth of the object - creating a manmade and more aesthetically balanced form.

In The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels), the same themes of vitality, time and slow transformation are illustrated in a unique time based recreation of the growth of both the manmade and the natural object. The video elaborates upon Joo's interest in nature as a factory, a cycle of manufacturing that is mimicked by humanity.

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The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels)by Michael Joo

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