Michai Mathieu Morin

New York City


Ixchel is Mayan for "The Rainbow Lady" or the Goddess of Earth, Moon, and medicine. She was among the most powerful and influential deities of the ancient Maya and celebrated for her healing powers. Here I used the large spectrum of visible color geometrically portrayed and then refracted to represent the physical light distortion in a droplet of water. In the middle is a tribute to the authentic geometric arrangement that is found in many Mayan and ancient american textile patterns. [ (55in x 33in) @ 265 megapixels ]

Michai's works are some of the highest resolution digitally rendered art in the world. Originally created for physical representation as UHD Prints on large optical glass panels, he is now offering limited edition digital variants for Sedition. Using custom-built workstations he sculpts his work using light, texture, and atmosphere. Ambient and thought-provoking, Michai's work invokes a sense of wonder and awe.


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