Motion Parallax Room No.3

Motion Parallax Room No.3 is a still computer generated image of a 3-dimensional digital room of a study of the phenomenon of the motion parallax developed for a temporary art installation project. The installation was physically build and demolished after a month of being build. The room was triangular, with two large walls and a smaller one with openings so that observers could enter inside. Of the big walls, one wall was white with black 3d strips and the other one was black with white 3d strips. The floor was made of red reflective glass. In order for the observer to experience the space one had to crawl on the floor from one opening to the other.

"Motion parallax" refers to the fact that objects moving at a constant speed across the frame will appear to move a greater amount if they are closer to an observer (or camera) than they would if they were at a greater distance.


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