The Origin Of The World

Miguel Chevalier’s The Origin of the World, 2014, is a generative artwork inspired by biology, in particular micro-organisms and cellular automata. The work was specially created to be projected onto the façade of the Grand Palais in Paris during Art Paris Art Fair from 26-29 March 2014. A version of the digital projection is available exclusively on Sedition.

Chevalier: “Cells multiply in abundance, divide, merge, and proliferate at a sometimes slow, sometimes rapid rate. Everything comes together, comes apart, and changes shape at top speed. These organic universes mingle sometimes with constructivist universes made up of pixels.”

The viewer is hypnotised by unstable black and white megapixel tableaus that gradually give way to vivid, colour-saturated spirals that follow a choreographic movement. Appearing consecutively, the tableaus create perturbations, oscillations, fluctuations and even turbulences in the trajectories of the cells. Sinuously rippling curves are reminiscent of the psychedelic aesthetics of previous eras while the artificial digital universe evokes organic lifeforms. The viewer is faced with an intriguing virtual universe; a new kind of “technological Baroque” art that gives shape to the formless while perpetually replenishing itself.

Miguel Chevalier lives and works in Paris, France, and is represented by Louise Alexander Gallery.

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