Time Of Flight

Mike Pelletier’s Time of Flight is a animated video that features a series of computer-generated 3D abstract forms that gently morph and mutate to a dreamy soundtrack. The forms are in fact derived from three-dimensional scans of humans, whose resultant data the artist has manipulated. These manipulations result in glitches which arise from a combination of structured data, imperfections in scanning algorithms and Pelletier’s interventions. At various stages of the work’s production data is reduced and simplified, or lost as noise; the artist explores this terrain of exchange and escape, connecting it to the human body. In doing this, he explores the complicated abstractions and simplifications which take place when a body is recorded and represented. Through a process of removing important information in some places and adding unnecessary information in others, Pelletier’s animation adapts and interferes with a process that passes on some data and rejects other data as noise; in adapting the process he challenges the concept of efficiency. The title of the work refers to a technique used by some cameras to capture 3D information. Time of Flight features a soundtrack by composer Arjen Jongeneel.


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