Mila Bessmann is a passionate digital artist and philosopher. Her artistic vision evolved naturally. Mixed nationality. Born in Eastern Europe. Majored in International Finance at Geneva Business School and continued her education in Exponential Technologies at Singularity University Benelux, Full-Stack Web Development at Dev Bootcamp San Francisco and Digital Art at Christie’s Education London. She developed XR experiences and created holograms for international art shows and exhibitions in Milan, Paris, Berlin, Antwerp, New York, Miami. The FROZEN GOD oil series by Anton Snt with an AR video extension was showcased in the Dome of Éléphant Paname (Paris, France). The 301 Seconds oil series by Anton Snt with a club video-mix AR overlay was presented in the DEF EYE exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art Minsk and in the exhibition 'High Light' at National 55 gallery (Antwerp, Belgium). The ANESTHESIA gold & iron series with a dynamic holographic 3D sculpture of the painter’s body was showcased during the international art fest curated by Stefano S. Antonelli from 999Contemporary (Rome, Italy). Her art is a contradictory collection of dry rational insights mixed with emotional expression conveyed by means of distinctive visual metaphors. She contemplates eternal aesthetics of life not limited by the boundaries of human perception. A human being is but a small part of universal mechanics in the endless search for meaning.