Man's Respect

Photo of a honeymoon trip in Indonesia, after the 20th of October.
It was a 5-day trip: Italy, Istanbul and then the island of Bali, Indonesia.
The starting point was in the south of the island and go around using taxi and similar.
The process of creation of this photo is very simple: a roaming mind and shoot a bunch of photos, even if there is no clue if it’s a good photo but experience help.
The goal was to take everyday life moments framed in those beautiful landscapes.
Tirta Empul temple , a holy place where people could go to have a sort of baptism or religious like ceremony with water like in the Gange river, India.
Then this man:

Everyone seem so busy to go somewhere while we were here, until I saw this man: maybe he was a keeper or a guardian but it seem so calm and focused to keep everything clean with his broom.


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