Mitch Stratten’s 5 minute film OCP is the culmination of two years of exacting work and Stratten’s most ambitious project yet. Despite its surreal narrative, the visual language of OCP feels strangely familiar, and viewers will recognise the influence and techniques of cinema and film-making. Stratten’s accompanying soundtrack is integral to the piece and informs the viewers response. “I want people to experience this in a really immersive way,” says Stratten, “ideally wearing headphones with high volume.”

The boundary-blurring imagery of OCP seamlessly combines physical performance, large-scale mechanical engineering and computer technology. Stratten: “OCP is a unification of the physical and psychological in a very literal way, exposing concerns in our perception of belief.” A video of the making of OCP is also viewable on Sedition - and when considering how the project is executed down to its finest detail, it becomes obvious that Stratten is setting new standards for the ever-evolving and fascinating world of digital art and computer enhanced filmmaking. “(I have) distanced (myself) from sentimentality through a brutal physical systemisation of (my) work process. Based on research into industrial mining processes (I have) constructed an open and recursive system for performers to engage with, where actors are left to face their own physical and mental limitations.”

OCP is the latest example of a work where commercial skills and creativity meet in an unprecedented manner, and its sophistication and power speak for themselves. OCP is an acronym for 'Orifice Conditioning Plate', which is a device used in the diamond mining industry that is prevalent in South Africa. The device converts the asymmetrical flow of liquid in pipes into a symmetrical flow.

Mitch Stratten lives and works in London.

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