MOON Martina Zelenika

Zagreb The interdisciplinary artist MOON Martina Zelenika, through innovative methods, explores and creates art projects which are related to the theme of post-humanism. The main characteristic of her work is the symbiosis of traditional techniques and the latest modern digital technology. Cosmology, universality, ecophilosophy, and language are her main fields of interest. The artist MOON advocates the freedom of human beings in all aspects of society and positively influences the world’s frequency. By contemplating ancient and contemporary philosophy, and her own, Martina explores universal communication fields and makes a subtle impact on human awareness and individual self-recognition by absorbing a wide image of the world we exist. MOON Martina Zelenika graduated at Printmaking Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of the University Zagreb and took a Master’s in 2006 in the area of Video and New-media at the Academy of Visual Art and Design of the Ljubljana University. She has been awarded several well-regarded grants and scholarships. Martina has participated in international conferences dedicated to digital and multimedia art and has exhibited solo or collectively. As a guest lecture, she was invited to present her artistic work and authentic practice at art universities. She lives and works in Berlin and Zagreb.

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