This work comprises of a series of slow panning (still) images of opium poppy flowers in the fields of Afyon, a historically important poppy growing province in Turkey. The origin of the flower is thought to be located here at this geography. The mesmerizing choreography of the spilt screen piece induces a sense of disorientation, a mood suggesting a temporal shift enabling the viewer to travel in, and also suspend the experience of time, much like the experience of consuming the substance of opium, morphine or heroin (which originates from the flower). The poppy itself is probably one of the most important flowers man has a relationship with throughout history; it’s uses include aid to the ritual of worship, a medicinal tool (a cure for many ailments), a poison for assassins, cause for military and trade wars. More recently, it has also been likened to the role of the mass media – though initially an illusory and enjoyable experience, it is the cause of a slow (and mind destroying) death.
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