The Tallest Building in Beer Sheva

The Tallest Building in Beer Sheva is part of Dreamspace, a collaborative project where digital artists aim to recreate and share the spaces encountered in their dreams. Curated by Sophie Kahn the project presents works by 13 artists working with 3D animation in an online exhibition; the works on display link conscious, subconscious, architectural and digital rendering spaces.

Nadav Assor has written an introduction to The Tallest Building in Beer Sheva:“I grew up in and around the dusty town of Beer Sheva in southern Israel. For most of my childhood the tallest building in town was a whopping fourteen stories tall. I still remember, because that’s how everyone called to it: “Fourteen Stories”. It stuck out of the tan and dusty cluster of long and low tenements like a strange experiment, or a promise. In a place with one national TV channel and no shopping malls, it served as an odd outpost of something else yet to come: at the time I had no words for it, but perhaps it was the tall buildings and sparkling dreams of America.

I’ve never been inside that building, that these days is impossible to even locate within the high rise condo towers and shopping centers surrounding it.

I now live in America. The apartment I inhabit has an odd looping layout, that often figures in my dreams. Once, it became entangled with the distant Fourteen Stories tower, circling around and through in a strange architectural mobius strip of promises and dreams.”


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