XCIII ('93)

Time and change are something that affects us all but as humans we retain an essence of ourselves right through our lives, a thread of continuity that remains throughout our experiences. Transformation in all it's forms has always been a fascination for us and being able to distil a lifetime into a short piece which encapsulates so much history is very compelling.

XCIII (‘93), was created in honour of HM The Queens 93rd birthday. We see her through a series of fleeting glimpses, as she has always been seen in the public eye; from childhood, through to adulthood and to the iconic figure we are so familiar with.

The piece has been realised using 3D particle animation. Photographs of the Queen through different ages were combined together to take her strongest features and use those as the basis for the imagery. The soundtrack of Zadok the priest by Handel, played at the Coronation of the Queen in 1953, seemed fitting as the soundtrack, using the buildup of the music to carry us through her early years, and culminating in the powerful figure we know today.

We wanted to capture the beauty and preciousness of those fleeting moments in a medium that perfectly expresses the intangibility of memories.
The physical form of the artwork is holographic and is set within a velvet flocked prismic box. XCIII was exhibited in its hologram form at the God Save The Queen Exhibition in London, 2019.


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