Quartet is a collection of videos, often referred to as moving paintings due to their esthetic feel, by Nataša Prosenc Stearns. Like with most of Stearns' projects the works combine the body or human form with elements of nature.

Stylistically, her artworks walk the line between abstract and figurative. This is achieved by layering moving images and merging seemingly unrelated shots and scenes. Conceptually, Stearns uses these techniques to address the themes of our alienation, dislocation, and disconnectedness from nature, from one another and from ourselves in a technology-driven and consumerism-driven world. The works suggest the theme from both sides - disconnection and a possibility of connection, so negative and positive feelings are in constant interplay. Human emotions are reflected in the elements and in environmental events. Sand storm, fire, tempests in these videos create dram and tension, which reflect not just the artist's personal feelings of isolation, but also a wider landscape of uncertainty and the constant crisis we live in today.

Music is composed by Milko Lazar, a Slovenian composer and Stearns' long-time collaborator.

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