Human canvas

In Africa,they usually practice the art called the human canvas which simply means using the human body as a canvas.
Is like a tradition every tribe in Africa has,it now lead us down to this very type of traditional art which is found in Nigeria and is usually used by the Yoruba's in Nigeria..
They call it the secret art if ORÍ meaning art on the head which we normally call the face art.
Every tribe in Nigeria has it's own traditions but here the Yoruba's own which is the art of "ORÍ" is commonly use in Nigeria during every festive period even during celebrations,because every line has a story it tells and every story has it's foundation.
And presently the art of "ORÍ" is being used in so many part of the world and was made known to other part by an artist known as "laolu".A uk base Nigeria artist,he used it as his own form of art which he call the secret art if orí.


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