RGB Calibration (after Jasper Johns)

RGB Calibration (after Jasper Johns) by Nick Fudge presents a stunning visual exploration of a singular still digital image (and its iterations) that is constantly unfolding and transforming. This animation is based on a photograph of an editioned sculpture (of a light bulb) by the American artist Jasper Johns, which represents a reproduction of a reproduction.

This work draws a connection between Jasper Johns and Duchamp, specifically Duchamp's skeptical assertion that everything happens 'in the dark' and that most ideas are in fact mere tautologies. Johns' light bulb sculpture interprets Duchamp's concept by symbolizing the 'eureka!' moment of an idea, but he intentionally leaves the bulb unplugged and unlit, symbolizing the darkness and ignorance that surrounds everything. In contrast, Fudge's work illuminates Johns' light bulb, symbolizing the electrifying potential of the digital medium. Through multicolored and prismatic iterative imaging, this animation celebrates the limitless possibilities of creating versions and reproductions.


It is with great appreciation and admiration that I thank Léna Lewis-King for her invaluable expertise and exceptional skill as a technical animator who worked tirelessly with me to bring this moving image work to fruition. - Nick Fudge


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