Unsupervised Jazz (6.0)

Unsupervised Jazz (6.0) by Nick Fudge is a part of the Destruction of Appearance collection and specifically Apparitions of Appearance series.

Unsupervised Jazz (6.0), Nick Fudge has constructed a rhythmic image from an early Adobe Illustrator (6.0) toolbox that was constructed within the software program itself. The vector toolbox, stripped of its box frame, forms a repeating pattern, with the number twenty-two representing the total number of tools available. Each tool is represented as if it had been selected (for use) in a sequence that animates the composition.

This work is part of a series of works exploring very specific aspects of graphic software programs that have been in progress since 1994, during the artist's time in New York.

By recreating and iterating the Adobe digital toolbox, Fudge brings the image back into itself, revealing both the materiality of the digital and computational logic.

Unsupervised Jazz (6.0) and the Apparitions of Appearance series to which it belongs have been constructed with an emphasis on the beauty of precision and an attitude of aesthetic indifference.


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