En Attendant (While We Wait)

En Attendant (While We Wait) is a collection of ten portrait format (vertical) images by Nicolas Feldmeyer. The works in the collection are imagined worlds created with 3D software. The collection includes the works from Feldmeyer's Estates series among his other artworks Terrain Vague, Pleiades and Cataclysm.

In Terrain Vague and in the Estates series, Feldmeyer explores the reconstruction of small urban moments. Reminiscent of photographs at first sight, they are in fact detailed digital models made of geometric polygons, physically accurate light simulations and fog particles. Memories and daydreams of many places are condensed in each composition - an ‘in-between’ world where places of reality and of dreams intertwine.

Alexander Caspari from Encounter Contemporary speaks of Feldmeyer's approach 'preoccupied with ‘the experience of places and spaces in dreams’ Feldmeyer painstakingly creates imagined landscapes that do not exist in the ‘real’ world. These places are not derived from photographs but are instead digitally constructed three dimensional models which occupy a new virtual space somewhere between drawing and architectural rendering. The series echoes both landscape photography and miniature painting.

'I am fascinated by the process of reconstructing in great detail small everyday moments - the evening sun on a brick courtyard, or the trees at the end of the park, familiar scenes that seem to say something very clear to me, although I never know exactly what.’ Nicolas K. Feldmeyer

In Pleiades and Cataclysm, the same technique of detailed 3D world-building is used, but this time to evoke monumental, enigmatic landscape elements. Drawing upon pictorial traditions of the Romantic Sublime landscape (Frederic Edwin Church’s icebergs or Edward Burtynsky’s industrial apocalypse amongst others), architectural utopic drawings (from Étienne-Louis Boullée to Superstudio) and minimalist Land Art, they are inspired by a feeling of awe felt when contemplating things far beyond our grasp.

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