Nicolas K Feldmeyer was born 1980 in Switzerland. After completing an MSc in Architecture in Zurich he went on to study Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute on a Fulbright Grant. Feldmeyer received an MFA with distinction from the Slade in 2012. His work has been awarded the Saatchi and Channel 4’s New Sensations First Prize 2012 and the William Coldstream Prize amongst others.

Nicolas Feldmeyer’s works open a contemplative perspective onto the world. Inspired by archaic monuments, the Sublime landscape and abstraction, his practice is primarily concerned with space and light, explored in a range of different media, from large installations to videos, from drawings to digital renderings. Between the exactly measurable and the atmospherically inaccessible, Feldmeyer articulates a silent search for what lies before or beyond words.

The contemplation of space and light is core to my practice. There is an idea of stillness and vastness that moves me. Sometimes I work in the real, physical space, with site-specific installations and public art projects, and sometimes with imaginary spaces on paper, in the form of drawings, watercolours, digital prints, screen prints and collages. The space I find most fascinating is the ‘elsewhere’, the space you can never reach but only long for.

Feldmeyer has exhibited at galleries and institutions internationally including: Photographer’s Gallery (London), Flowers Gallery (New York), China Academy of Art (Hangzhou), Maddox Arts, MC2 Gallery (Milan), UCL Art Museum (London), Encounter (London), Angus Hughes (London), Griffin Gallery (London), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens). His work has been reviewed in the Times, Sunday Times, Art Monthly and published extensively. Feldmeyer has been a guest lecturer at the AA School of Architecture, Cambridge University, ETH Zurich, The CASS, Metropolitan University, and is Associate Lecturer at Camberwell College, University of the Arts London. His work is included in numerous public and private collections worldwide including The British Museum, UCL Art Museum, British Land and The Leslie Collection.