NONOTAK Collection

The NONOTAK collection features three digital editions by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect and musician Takami Nakamoto including, Parallels, Masks and Ashes. The Paris-based studio creates works that are a sophisticated homage to the cannon and creativity of new technologies, within which their video explorations of their audiovisual installations, call for a new experience of their work.

Through an intense sensation of sound upon space, NONOTAK creates a more convincing lexicon over language. Reducing everything to code, NONOTAK’s minimal electronic rhythm and pressing visuals, envelope one’s cognitive intelligence with inscrutable wonder. The synthesis between the play of light and audio within each work are positively furnished by an overarching simplicity that holds everything together.

The NONOTAK collection creates an evolving and dissolving architectonic atmosphere, in which the individual elements prove almost hypnotic. As it appears, NONOTAK are tapping into an era in which we are as much charmed by modernity, as we are challenged by it.

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