NONOTAK is a Paris-based studio founded by illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto in 2011. NONOTAK constructs light and sound installations that create ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environments. Bringing together Nakamoto’s unique approach to space and sound, and Schipfer’s use of kinetic visuals the studio creates works that span across installation, sculpture, and audiovisual performance.

NONOTAK was formed when the duo were commissioned by the Architect Bigoni-Mortemard to create a mural in the lobby of a public housing building in Paris. Since then, they have presented their work internationally at numerous festivals and exhibitions including a world tour of their work Late Speculation (2013) where the artists created an audiovisual installation from which they modulated both light and sound in a live performance.

NONOTAK have been commissioned by the Mapping Festival, Geneva, 2014; EM15 Elektra / Mutek, Montreal, CA, 2014; La Nuit Blanche, Paris, FR, 2013; Roppongi Art Night, Tokyo, JP, 2014; Axcess Art Gallery, New York, US, 2014; Stereolux, Nantes, FR, 2014; Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, NL, 2013; Mirage Festival, Lyon, FR 2014; Insanitus Festival, Kaunas, LT, 2013; FUZ Festival, Paris, FR, 2014; and Lunchmeat Festival, Praha, CZ, 2014; KIKK Festival, Mons, BE, 2014; and Nokia by Lumia, Istanbul, TK, 2013. Their work has been exhibited at galleries and institutions including, Tokyo Grand Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo, JP, 2014; l'Opéra de Lyon, Lyon, FR, 2014; Batiment d'Art Contemporain de Genève, Geneva, CH, 2014; Theater de NWE Vorst, Tilburg, NL, 2013; La Fabrique, Nantes, FR, 2014; Pavillon Carré de Baudouin, Paris FR, 2013, and Le Générateur, Paris, FR, 2013.


2015 Late Speculation and Daydream V.2 90db Festival, Rome, IT
2015 Daydream V.4 SugarMountain Festival, Melbourne, AU
2015 Late Speculation Mutek, Barcelona, ES
2014 Late Speculation Propaganda Festival, Barranquilla, CO
2014 Daydream V.3 and Masks Series (solo exhibition) Axcess Art Gallery, New York, US
2014 Late Speculation Mirage Festival, Opéra de Lyon, Lyon, FR
2014 Daydream V.2 and Late Speculation Stereolux, La Fabrique, Nantes, FR
2014 Late Speculation KIKK Festival, L'Alhambra, Mons, BE
2014 Daydream V.2 Tokyo Art Night, Roppongi Hills Hyatt, Tokyo, JP
2014 Late Speculation Lunch Meat Festival, Praha, CZ

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