NONOTAK Collection II

The NONOTAK Collection II features two new digital editions created from their signature kinetic and light installations. Plume V.1 is a work that explores light and space with the use of fluorescent tube lights and mirrors to create an ‘infinite box’ through a choreography of sound, light, and movement. Narcisse is a kinetic sculpture inspired by the Greek mythological character Narcissus who falls in love with his own reflection. Composed of mirrored squares that flicker and refract, Narcisse explores geometric forms and surface patterns with a powerful soundtrack. Both works play with the boundaries between virtual and physical spaces and the installations are beautifully transposed into immersive audiovisual experiences as video. NONOTAK presents Narcisse along with a large scale version of Plume V.1 titled HOSHI at Sugar Mountain music and art festival in Melbourne, Australia in January 2016.

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