Beyond The Line of Sight Collection

Japanese photographer and artist Noritoshi Hirakawa’s work contextualises eroticism in unexpected and often abstracted settings. His photographs challenge inherent connections between cultural knowledge, passion, desire, and visual perception. His portraits of women are deeply suggestive, always questioning the fine line between the space that seems to be “real” and a portrait, and the space which the viewer creates for him or herself by investing the image with his or her own imagination. The series of six images presented on Sedition, photographed all over the world, all share three characteristics: they are erotic portraits of women; the titles of each image suggest a specific place where the image was taken, thereby anchoring it within reality (opposed to fantasy); all titles make a reference to ‘light’ - a specific light source. The combination of the three attributes creates a condition for which Hirakawa is famous: presenting the viewer with what seems like an infinite canvas for his or her (erotic) imagination.
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