Jonathan Armour’s practice is an transmedia enquiry of the body and the skin, and involves probing the interfaces with which that body connects with the world. The projects are driven by interaction with others, jointly questioning aspects of our multiple selves, built on our shared sense of otherness. He uses the term Theatre of Selfs as his practice is a dialogue with his collaborators, their aspects are used to explore or confront aspects of himself. Since completing his MA in 2015, the film Infinite Surface was selected for 3 festivals in Australia. Stemming from the collaboration with Richard Sawdon Smith, the film challenges the stigma of living with HIV. In February 2016, Mappa Corpo, which opens the body like an atlas, was shown in Madrid during ARCO. Later the Guildhall Art Gallery choose two works which confronted colonialism into the collection of the City of London Corporation. Mappa Mundi Inscribed about the subject’s view of the world from his perspective of disability, devote catholicism and sexuality, was selected for Exceptional 2017. During June/July 2017, working with curator Michael Petry, Armour was lead organiser of Now, where are we? 1967-2017, a critical response to Queer British Art at Tate Britain. He then re-curated the exhibition at Dartington Hall in September. In parallel, Infinite Surface was selected for Sadie Lee’s show In Your Face. In October 2017, Armour was invited to show 7 works at All Our Tomorrows, in King’s College Arts Festival.