Jonathan Armour is an Irish artist based in London. Fusing a first degree in Engineering with a Masters in Fine Art, Armour’s practice is an interplay between the mediums of oil painting and time-based digital, with an underlying urge to make the pixel more visceral.

Armour’s creative focus is an inquiry of the body and human condition, with a particular fascination with the skin, which he sees as an interface between the person within and the world around us. His digital work centers on collaboration with actual people to explore aspects of what/who they are - that 'realness' feeds the rich imagery.

His creative roots are firmly planted in the Renaissance when the exploration of the body was led by artists. Nurtured by an interest in Sci-Fi and transhumanism, those roots have shot up, bypassing the Enlightenment, feeding on a few 20th/21st-century artists to now looking at the near future evolution of humans.

He has exhibited extensively in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the US, including the Vigeland Museum, Oslo; Auckland Uni of Technology; Kings College London; Arco Madrid; Guildhall Gallery (City of London Corp); Ars Electronica; and the London Group. Armour was awarded the NTU Vieunite Art Prize in 2022 for Specimens about biophilia and the landscape of the mind. In 2023 The Needlecast Rhapsody was selected for the Ars Electronica and showcased in DeepSpace 8K. Later Sleeve Shock was awarded the Schauerman Prize for digital art at the London Group Open.