IIC (International Internal Catastrophes) is an audiovisual project by Novi_sad and Isaac Niemand. For this project, audio and film material were gathered from expeditions in the remote parts of Iceland and transformed into a visceral, elegant and profound 30-minute audiovisual piece. In producing IIC, the collaborative duo sought to trigger synaesthetic responses in the spectator by harnessing dissonant elements and bringing them to layered and gradual peaks. Carefully constructed mythical crescendos, slow motion deliriums, hyper-beauty, elegance and tenderness come together in an immersive and resonant cinematic work. At the core of this generative project, built around a geometrical layering of sounds and panoramas, is the subtle manipulation of optical nuances and the sequential exploration of such terms as “collapse-rebuild-isolate-take off…”.

The piece unfolds in two parts: the first part is exclusively based on a wide range of sonic phenomena where its capture is a direct response to the hostile Icelandic landscape; the second part is based on vibration recordings from Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges in New York and incorporates the voice of a woman mourning her children, who were murdered in the Bosnian civil war. A five-minute excerpt from the second part entitled Riotous Viscera was selected and featured in Lars von Trier’s Gesamt project.

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IICby Novi_sad

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