Acting Naturally

After building a very detailed and realistic scenery, I hired 27 actors who painstakingly rehearsed and staged this complex narrative telling the story of a group of people that go to a place to look.

This is not true. But it could be. And that is the subject of this work.

I went countless times to this sightseeing spot, put the camera on a tripod, pressed REC and waited, in the hope that interesting events would eventually take place. Having collected several hours of footage, my initial intention was to compile the most relevant moments into a pseudo-narrative. But somewhere among all those hours of footage I found something I could not have foreseen. Serendipity offered me 10 full minutes of uninterrupted coherent and apparently causal events. No need to select and compile after all. The whole story was already there to be found.

Acting Naturally was made in 2013.

Video projection (32:9), color, no sound, 10’

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Acting Naturallyby Nuno Godinho
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Acting Naturally
Nuno Godinho
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February 22, 2018
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