“Carrier of Time"

Character presentation of “The Carrier of Time”
“The Carrier of Time” is a character study of Gods from The Ancient Americas. 
The carrier has the weight of time on his back, prepared to give the responsibility to the next carrier. 
It was an ancient tradition of the Mayas to receive the following year and reflect on a time to look back, evaluate, and reflect on their homes, family and roles in their communities. The Gentlemen was usually an old man, most likely a grandfather who was respected and revered. As the carrier walks through the screen, in a short period of time, it evokes the feel of something missed…the abstract concept of time as something tangible but gone.

Director, Olivia Barrionuevo
Editor, Jasmine Bryant
Music, Rey Ortega “Mystic Music of the Maya”

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“Carrier of Time"by Olivia Barrionuevo-Minkin
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“Carrier of Time"
Olivia Barrionuevo-Minkin
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February 20, 2018
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