Oscar Falcón Lara

Monterrey, México

Light and Dance

An experimental play with light, composited to form a flowing pattern of sharp light lines and dark and blurred color streaks, the superimposition here evokes a palatial wall decoration or some sort of chaotic electronic readout that feels like it could go on forever in repetition on its axes: up, down, left, right, ad infinitum. Ghostly and ethereal and somehow just-tangible light streaks frozen in the air.

This piece is part of an ongoing exploration in symmetry and juxtaposition of related imagery that leads to intense visuals that form the basis of a new set of aesthetic principles that are yet to be fully defined, somehow attained but not fully formed through the technique of light-tossing that was the source of the blocks of imagery seen here and it leads to quite a stunning interaction with the frame and the observer, somehow familiar in concept and unfamiliar in execution.


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