Oscar Falcón Lara

Monterrey, México

Nothing To Sell

What will it be like in retail five years in the future, it is uncertain yet you can almost feel the outcome going around cities in the times we are living through, there might be decay and solitude in former thriving hubs yet an option is to hope for a better tomorrow, those stores of times past that are seen in shambles like relics of The Old West or towns that died due to migration, the modern equivalent is seen as blight to a contemporary observer and one has to wonder: will it be like this in the near future? Shop after shop empty and destitute, lonely in its commerciality or plainly abandoned.

A retail location in a simple setting in a simple town in Texas seems too normal a sight in modern times yet it is not normal as the uneven symmetry of a once sprawling business is stripped of everything except for the hope it might one day be serving again, hope expressed in an empty marquee, a marquee that might never again hold a name. Loneliness and despair expressed in still image the moment captured in vigilant awareness.


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