Oscar Falcón Lara

Monterrey, México

talavera experiment 1

A historic setting from a public park, remixed for the future. After the colonization of Mexico in the 16th century, the Spanish crown established missions and colonies for the purpose of propagating the official religion throughout the land, many of them resorted to applied crafts so as to bring order to the newly indoctrinated population; Majolica clay tile techniques brought from Europe were some of the first used to decorate the emerging churches and cathedrals, and one type in particular from the Mission of Puebla De Zaragoza (modern day Puebla) stood in a class of its own: Talavera (distinguished by its white-base glazing)

In "talavera experiment 1", what stands as a example of the ancient and robust craftsmanship of Talavera (a lusciously tile covered and heavy park bench), is taken into an alternate reality far beyond the static property of space-time by digital manipulation into the realm of the imaginary, turning the ideal on its head, twisting and turning it into something totally different.


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