Aquatint is an ongoing project centring upon infinite variants of Overlap's transitional landscapes and melodic minimalist music, presented at times as an audiovisual performance and here as a screen-based work for Sedition.

In the work, atmospheric distillations are layered, sequenced and mixed in an exploration of landscape through audiovisual polyphony. A mesmeric dance of shapes, lights and sculpted sound is produced, contrasted by surreal additions of the prosaic. The effect is to summon a memory tinted world where harmonics and relationships are dominant and time and place non-specificity - an immersive environment whose borders continually change and challenge our understanding of space.

Influenced as much by reworked 19th century etchings as remix music culture, Overlap manipulate their music and image components to work in multiple, generative but painterly layers. Aquatint is a digitally arranged reflection on the emotional response we experience in powerful natural environments. The atmospheric, sensory and textual are delivered through a systematic patterning to produce a plastic, digitally infiltrated rendering of nature. "We're interested in concurrence - within a piece of music for example. A feeling of two separate tracks weaving well together but retaining individual, audible identities."

The work has been presented in different forms, as audiovisual performance, installation and screenings including at Splice Festival, London; B-Seite Festival, Mannheim; Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand; ROM, MÜSZI, Budapest; ISEA, Hong Kong; Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach and Digital Decade 5, London.

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